Eastern Bluebird

First time having one visit the yard was in early March of 2020.

Blackberry Blossom

So elegant and simple, with much beauty for the later harvest season.

Sun Halo on June, 8th in 2020

Wonderful chance for a photo. This was a great experience for a beautiful sight!

Pink Rhododendron

Beautiful blossoms plentiful of pollen for the bees.


If each beautiful word had a flower to belong with it, 'Simplicity' would be the Daisy's best friend.

Unique Black Capped Chickadee

Saw this little guy visiting the feeder- knew he was a Black Capped Chickadee, but of his own handsome differences.

Sunflower #3

Even at our weakest times, there was a path, of utter amazement, of true nature and nurture.


Skippy is a young Eastern Phoebe that left the nest just when it was raining outside. We brought him in, he dried off, and then he returned to his Mother.

American Flag

We The People must remain the people of freedom, liberty, God, and justice. We must prepare our future generations to protect these morals and the rights to our beliefs.

Rose #1

They're sweet smelling and delicate, yet strong, and proud.

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